For 2.5 -5 years old. Developed by THUY PHAM 


Yes, pun intended!

This interactive and fun music program involves movement coordination, singing, instrumental playing and various creative platforms.  This program is purely designed to introduce new skills that are fundamental to building a foundation for learning musical instruments.

It allows young children from preschool age to develop and nurture a positive relationship with music so that we prepare students to commence private music lessons from as early as 4 years of age. 

What is involved in the group lessons?

  • Percussive instrumental playing with emphasis on musical concepts such as rhythm and beat, dynamics, musical structure and tempos.

  • Rhythmic development using TAKIDIMI rhythmic Solfege.

  • Pitch exploration and identification through vocalising in Solfege.

  • Listening and music appreciation to increase pre-schoolers music repertoire and developing aural skills.

  • Creative exploration through movement and simple composition to encourage independent and creative thinking.

  • Endless interactive music games to keep engagement of children, develop mental focus and  memory.  

  • Imaginative finger play and musical story- telling to include literacy associated in music.

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"Thuy’s music classes have been invaluable at Little Sprouts. Thuy is always prepared for her lessons and is great at engaging the pre-schoolers be that a class of 5 or 10! Her classes are full of fun and laughter but every week are teaching the pre-schoolers a fundamental foundation to the musical world. We highly recommend Thuy!"

Elise (Preschool Room, Little Sprouts Cremorne)

"My 4 y.o. daughter loves these classes so much. They’re a lot of fun, we sing them at home for the rest of the week and always looking forward to come to another class to learn new songs. Highly recommended!"

Nada (Parent)

"Thuy’s always very interactive with the children. In toddler room everybody loves her music class and always sings about Thuy’s songs. Thuy’s music lesson is suitable for all age groups of children. We love her class!!!"

Summer (Toddler Room, Little Sprouts Cremorne)

"Thuy’s classes are helping a lot with the children who are learning English. Thuy’s passion for music shines through every lesson and always has the children’s full attention. The children love her class and often ask throughout the week when is she coming back."

Sara (Preschool Room, Little Sprouts Cremorne)



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